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Web Hosting

Web Hosting is at the core of Digital Wolf Web Technologies, just like a well built house any web prescience needs a strong foundation.

Custom Web Hosting Solutions - Solutions for your hosting needs with a personal touch.  The solutions we offer on the concierge side come with custom dedicated support services, and the knowledge of knowing that your site is being handled with a human touch.

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting - Hosting where we take care of the server security, software updates, weekly backups, and hardware updates.  When it is a server issue we deal with the headache not you.


  • Virtual Hosting - Your site resides on the same server as other clients
  • Managed Virtual Server - You have your own server, but the server is a part of a larger server. Great for the security minded with out need for all the resources of a dedicated server.
  • Managed Dedicated Server -  You have your own server with all the power of your own hardware, but we are still around to help with the day to day security concerns.
  • Managed Reseller - You control a number of virtual hosts but have no need or desire for your own server.




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